Please Join Us For a

Weekend Retreat at the Zuni Mountain Stupa
June 3-4, 2017
Lama Urgyen Tenzin
Will be leading us in a one-day
NYUNG-NE PRACTICE  Saturday, June 3
Followed by Green Tara and Tsok practice Sunday, June 4


Registration & Fees:

The Registration Fee for this retreat is $150, including all meals and the use of all community facilities for the two days of practice. Participants are allowed to arrive,register in person, and set up camp after 1pm on Friday June 2nd. Please register online thru the website: www.zunimountainstupa.org  with full payment NO LATER THAN May 21st to insure the proper planning of this event. Should you not be able to attend the entire retreat weekend, you may still attend for an $80 per day fee for Saturday or Sunday.  If you wish to register when you arrive please contact us so we know you are coming.  You may contact us for information by emailing vairotsana.nm.retreats@gmail.com or if you are in need of financial assistance; no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Work-Study & Volunteers:

There are work-study opportunities for the positions that are available to help offset the cost of the retreat, including kitchen and service duties, pre-retreat and post-retreat work. ADVANCED SCHEDULING FOR WORK-EXCHANGE IS REQUIRED


Healthy, delicious vegetarian meals will be prepared in the sangha kitchen and served in the dining tent. Tea and coffee will also be available at any time throughout the weekend in the dining tent and there are several potable freshwater taps for drinking water. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know. If we can’t accommodate you, or if you have serious health concerns or allergies, you should consider bringing your own food. The kitchen will not be available for any personal cooking needs and participants are prohibited from keeping food in their tents due to concerns about wildlife.

Texts, Meditation Supplies, and Tsok Offerings:

There will copies of Vairotsana Foundation’s Nyung-Ne and Green Tara Sadhana texts that practitioners may borrow if they do not already have copies, and which should be returned at the end of the retreat. There are cushions available in the Stupa, but you may wish to bring your own.  For Tsok practice on Sunday you are invited to contribute food offerings and may bring to the kitchen when you arrive.

Karma Yoga:

Doing work in service to the Three Jewels is very meritorious, and offers us a rich opportunity to practice outside the shrine room. Everyone at the retreat land who does not already have a work-study job contributes to the retreat’s operations in this way and will be assigned a chore and given instructions according to their physical capacity at registration. The retreat schedule for these chores along with the on-duty participant’s name will be posted outside the kitchen.


The retreat land offers camping only, either in your tent or in your vehicle. Please plan to bring camping gear, including a flashlight and prepare for a range of temperatures and precipitation.  There are hot showers, flush toilets, an outdoor sink, and outhouses. If you prefer to stay in a motel, there are many choices in the town of Grants, twenty miles away (a forty-minute drive on a gravel road). Or, you may wish to reserve a room nearby in Shirley & Stanley Giser’s private residence or cabin near the stupa and also that of neighbors Jillian Harriman & Kent Ferguson. There is also a local bed-and-breakfast, the Cimarron Rose: 505-783-4770, located a short distance from the retreat land.

Other information:

Health:  The Zuni Mountain Stupa is at a high altitude, just under 8000 ft. Please stay hydrated, and protect yourself from the strong sun with a hat or spf sunscreen.  The nights can be quite chilly in early June so bring extra layers!

Children: Please let us know in advance if you plan to bring children along. Children may under 13 may attend with only a small fee for food costs. Note that children must be supervised during this retreat inside and outside of the shrine-room.

Phone: There is no Internet or land-line phone access available at this time on the retreat land, and only limited cell phone reception (Verizon does get a signal, and most major cell phone carriers do work in town in Grants, NM).

We do not allow pets or smoking.

If you would like to register, offer your help, apply for work-study, sponsor someone or if you have any questions, please contact us at  vairotsana.nm.retreats@gmail.com.

May all beings benefit!

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